Alterna: Brand + UXD

We were tasked by Alterna to enhance their brand, enrich the web experience, and launch a new Vegan hair care line.

We gave the brand a complete design facelift, provided new imagery and copy for product, website and marketing materials. We launched designs for their new playful vegan product line, named My Hair. My Canvas., that allows for maximum self-expression with minimum environmental impact.

Their vision for their online presence was to be editorial, providing valuable, engaging content to Alterna’s professional stylist customers, and to be an essential platform for the foundational marketing materials. We delivered an on-brand web experience that featured beautiful, custom design work, multimedia content that was useful, educational and inspiring for haircare professionals.

The Alterna brand gained digital momentum, and we created a strong foundation for the brand that will serve them well into the future. The results include Brand Media growth with 51,064,148 impressions +1,560% YoY.

Assets Created
- Website 
- Micro Sites - B2B portal  
- Email 
- Blog
- Social Content
- Video