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Brand  I  Creative  I  Strategy  I  Marketing  I  Leadership

My 20 years of success as a marketing professional is based on two things: a powerful skill set developed through working for top brands and my commitment to people and teamwork.

I’m multilingual in creative and marketing which allows me to create an environment for all teams to do their best work. I have an entrepreneurial drive and I’m passionate about building, inspiring, and leading teams that create engaging brand experiences and meet key performance metrics. 

I have a broad skill set, encompassing brand strategy, campaign management, consumer insights, social and digital marketing, creative development, content creation, ecommerce, workflow management, agency relationships, and leading initiatives from strategic planning to website development. I prioritize fiscal responsibility, crafting strategies that align closely with business objectives. 

I bring strategic thinking, purpose-driven leadership, and a collaborative approach that contributes to achieving business objectives. With a proven ability to build businesses, identify market opportunities, leverage customer insights for informed tactics, and enhance team productivity, I drive success for brands.

When I'm not leading brands, I can be found spending quality time with my husband and two wonderful daughters. 

Areas of Expertise

SaaS + Lifestyle + Wellness
Leadership + Mentoring
Team Planning + Workflow
Brand Strategy + Marketing
Creative Direction
Content Creation
Demand Generation
Website Design
Photography + Video Direction
Integrated 360° Campaigns